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One of the great things about WordPress is all the freely available tutorials and support to get your website or blog up and running. The problem is that all this information can be overwhelming. Sometimes you just want someone who is obligated to help you figure things out and let you get on with your business and your life. This is why I’m developing a paid WordPress support program.

What I’ve started to see from some of my design clients is that even though hosting is dirt cheap, WordPress is dead simple, and I’m training them to use it before sending them on their merry way, they still would feel more comfortable paying me rather more for hosting just to know I’m around. Here’s what one client said when I brought up the subject via email:

I would love it if you were hosting my web site, I fully expect you will teach me how to use it myself, but it would so reassuring if I knew you were right there if I get myself into trouble.

If you’ve ever tried asking a “stupid” question in the WordPress support forums only to have people jump down your throat and tell you to do a Google search then this program might be for you. I know you’re not a developer or designer – and that you don’t want to be – and I don’t think there is any such thing as a stupid question.

This program is still something I’m setting up, but it I’d like it to include text and video tutorials all in one place, optional hosting with access to premium themes and plugins that would normally cost you hundreds of dollars, and various levels of forum, email, and phone support.

In the meantime, if this is something you’d be interested in, please let me know by submitting your email using the quick form below, or sending me an email at Terran@Birrell.us.


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