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What I Can do for You

What I can do for…
Business Owners.

You’re busy and on a budget. You need a website that matches your brand. You need to be able to make changes, add pages, and keep your site current without breaking the bank. Most of all you need a website that helps you make the sale.

I can get you online, or update your online image with a site designed to guide your visitor to the information you want them to find so they do what you want them to do.

Service Providers.

You’re at least as busy as the businesses you serve. You don’t have the time, inclination or staff to handle all your web projects in-house. Or you’d like to add another revenue stream to the services you offer your clients.

You want to do your work, not handle development hassles. Or developer hassles. You want a designer/developer who “gets it” the first time. Someone who lets you check things off your “to-do” list, not add to it. And you’d love to actually leave the office at 5:00 someday.

I gladly work with marketing agencies, other web design companies, ad agencies, copywriters and graphic designers on a number of projects from development of ‘tricky’ features to full-blown websites.

You may not need the same branding that the businesses you work for require, but you know employers are increasingly looking online when they hire. You want to improve your “google resume” by making sure you’re what they find when they search your name. And you want to control what about you they find.
What I Offer.

I’m a creative, detail oriented Designer/Developer. I have a solid design sensibility and with my business degree and years working for and with small businesses I design to sell.

Hand-holding and babysitting not required. I won’t call 10 times a day with questions I should have asked in our first meeting. You’ll get your site delivered when promised and for the price agreed on. No surprises.

I’m smart, creative and strategic. I can step into your world and quickly get up to speed. If I don’t understand something, I’ll ask.

Most importantly, I understand how to build sites that make the visitor find what you want them to find and do what you want them to do. I know a website is a tool, not a piece of art. No worries about costly overhead. You only pay me for the work I do!

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